Applying Inbound Marketing To Direct Mail Campaigns

The premise of Inbound Marketing is a shift of focus from the marketers needs to the prospects or buyers needs. It sounds obvious but the difference in perspective has a tremendous impact on the content and direction of campaigns.

Buyers today are extremely knowledgeable with nearly unlimited access to information on any topic. In order to engage potential customers, it's become necessary for marketers to adapt our marketing methods to reflect changes in buyer behavior. These changes can present a number of challenges for marketers. Digital marketing campaigns, including blogging, email, and other content, should be updated to be in line with new Inbound Marketing strategies. But what about direct mail? Can direct mail, considered part of our legacy methodology, be updated to become a part of this new customer-centric marketing?  



Who you include on your list is an important part of making your direct mail part of inbound marketing. You want to communicate with the right people at the right time. This may include current or previous customers, leads or prospects from an event or trade show, or visitors who have shown interest in your product or service. However you put your mail list together, it is important to understand what part of the buyers journey they are in and then segment your list accordingly.



With a properly segmented list, you can then prepare a specific message to each group. Make it more relevant by including personal context. Using variable data documents, it's easy to put their name on a piece of direct mail but you could also include other details based on your database of information. "Based on your interest at our last event..." or "for tax specialists, like you...". 



Make sure there is an obvious purpose for the communication - some type of ask. Whether you are inviting them to an event, giving them a 5% off coupon, or pointing them to your app, always make the intention of the mailer clear. Having a call-to-action gives you the opportunity to better understand your ROI and track the results of the campaign.

And above all, as Lindsay Thibeault says in her inbound marketing class, "Create marketing that people love."

Customer Focused Marketing

Customer Focused Marketing: Inbound Strategies for Direct Mail

Step-by-step guide to making your direct mail part of your inbound marketing strategy.