Marketing Strategies

Vendor Portal or Marketing Portal?

There is a lot of talk in the marketplace about Portals these days. Many websites offer a space to set up and account and login so you can check on orders and track your shipments.  Libraries want you to use your library card to sign in on their website to access more of their services. Heck, your Urologist probably has one he wants you to use. But is the portal your printer offers good for you or good for them?

Choosing Your Medium for Most Impact

Choosing Your Medium for Most Impact

Some projects are best suited as a digital communication while others really should be printed. Some programs could benefit from both printed pieces and digital resources. With ever-increasing sales targets and tight marketing budgets we need to get this right. These tricky questions can be answered more easily by breaking the decision down into smaller parts.

Power Of Questions - Learn To Listen To Your Customer

Understanding the customer’s needs is critical to moving them through their customer journey in their relationship with you. Like any relationship, it's based on communication - a two-way conversation with your customer. Let's face it. We’re not very good at it. And that's because we aren’t that good at listening. Discovering their pain points, and challenges as well as communicating your ideas, or solutions requires not only hearing but actively listening to the customer. 

Input Overload: Managing Mountains of Marketing Data

As consumers, we have never had access to as much information as we now have. Whether buying a car or selecting a service provider, in just a few clicks we can evaluate costs, benefits, features and reviews and then make good choices quickly. All this product information is readily available, easy to interpret, and quick to access. For consumers, more data typically equals better decisions.

For marketers, not so much.

Aligning Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

Specialization in marketing teams often leads to print and digital marketing strategies becoming misaligned. Tech savvy, data-focused marketers managing digital media including social, paid, content, etc., and designers, wordsmiths, layout-conscious artists preparing catalogs, brochures, and other print items. Centering the strategy around the customer experience makes it easier to keep strategies aligned.