How You Can Manage & Control Your Brand.

How you can control and manage your brand


Your branding defines your company. It's how customers and prospects identify you. You've painstakingly selected the colors, fonts, and design elements that best represent your organization, and it's your duty to protect and guard this valuable asset.

Yet, the marketing department always seems short staffed and overburdened with the day-to-day demands, deadlines for ad campaigns, product launches, and events. Employees sometimes take design into their own hands. That's when you find an old version of your logo on a company-wide communication, or a campaign put together by a regional office with a stretched or squished distortion of your logo, or even using the wrong colors or fonts!

You can't personally design every piece of collateral, you may not even be able to approve every document. You need a way to lock down your brand standards so everyone in the company is able to do their job and access the correct brand elements, with the right colors and fonts.

A system using pre-approved templates is the ideal solution. All documents can be set up by the marketing department, both variable, and static documents. You set up a library of products including business cards, brochures, sell sheets, POP collateral, business stationery, direct mail postcards, posters, etc. You include promotional items as well, pens, mugs, ball caps, apparel items, literally anything that has your brand on it. Putting all branded materials in a single platform, connecting directly to your approved vendors, allows you to safeguard your brand.

Specific ordering and approval processes could be set up with user permissions complying with your corporate accounting and purchasing guidelines. A system like this can not only streamline marketing and purchasing workflows but free up valuable employee time for more important company efforts, like increasing sales.

No more wonky designs, wrong fonts, low res and distorted logos. Best of all, you are now able to focus on the strategic marketing objectives instead of running around trying to clean up other people's messes.

Is it time for you to think about implementing some safeguards for your brand? Contact us today to see how a portal can help you manage and control your brand.