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Speed Up Your Communications

Speed Up Your Communications

You need to communicate a special deal, share event details, send out invitations, notify customers of an address change, and of course, it has to be done yesterday. There are some things you depend on others to help you with, mail lists, graphic design, copy, budget approvals, and more, but you still have crazy short deadline to deal with and you have to get this message out now. While there is a lot of organization and coordination required to get the project ready for printing and mailing, there are things that can be done well in advance that can help you be better prepared for the communication emergency.  

Vendor Portal or Marketing Portal?

There is a lot of talk in the marketplace about Portals these days. Many websites offer a space to set up and account and login so you can check on orders and track your shipments.  Libraries want you to use your library card to sign in on their website to access more of their services. Heck, your Urologist probably has one he wants you to use. But is the portal your printer offers good for you or good for them?

Making Obsolescence Of Print Collateral Obsolete

Boxes of stationary under the stairwell with the old logo; shelves in the warehouse with outdated catalogs; pallets with posters promoting last month's event; all good material - none of it useful anymore. As circumstances and strategies change, branding and messaging evolves, marketing collateral often needs to be updated. All these improvements are important to the success of the company so having a plan can help reduce obsolescence and keep waste down to a minimum.