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The Tradeshow Jumble

The Tradeshow Jumble

In most businesses today, space comes at a premium. Desks are crammed together with co-workers close and the closet at the end of the hall is full of stuff. Add to that the jumble of materials needed to go to more than one trade show per year and you’ve got some serious space management issues. In fact, several of our print communication customers require us to call before we make any deliveries because they simply have no extra room.

Killing A Brand: Are You Putting Water In Your Whiskey?

At Sara Lee, we had this brand called L'Eggs. A pair of pantyhose that came inside of an egg that was sold in the grocery store - just a great brand.

“Nothing beats a great pair of L'Eggs.” 

It was a 500 million dollar brand in the 80s with an interesting concept. You could buy your pantyhose in a grocery store. 

Input Overload: Managing Mountains of Marketing Data

As consumers, we have never had access to as much information as we now have. Whether buying a car or selecting a service provider, in just a few clicks we can evaluate costs, benefits, features and reviews and then make good choices quickly. All this product information is readily available, easy to interpret, and quick to access. For consumers, more data typically equals better decisions.

For marketers, not so much.

Aligning Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

Specialization in marketing teams often leads to print and digital marketing strategies becoming misaligned. Tech savvy, data-focused marketers managing digital media including social, paid, content, etc., and designers, wordsmiths, layout-conscious artists preparing catalogs, brochures, and other print items. Centering the strategy around the customer experience makes it easier to keep strategies aligned.