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FlightDeck Portals is an easy-to-use real estate marketing platform that supports the needs of your agents, evolves as needs change, improves internal productivity, and provides you with brand and cost controls. The platform allows you to create, and manage your marketing resources and digital assets while protecting the integrity of your brand. The technology lets you publish your materials and templates giving access to the necessary departments or agents. You are in control of all materials and approvals.

Featured Real Estate Client




Beverly-Hanks & Associates is the largest real estate firm in Western North Carolina and is among the top 250 firms in the nation. 

Their 338+ agents needed an simple, quick way to create and order collateral. They also needed to ensure that their agents were only using branded templates and approved photography. 

Client Testimonial

"When Beverly Hanks & Associates began looking for a partner to build a digital printing portal we considered several options. We explored relationships with national print houses to local boutique operations. The Daniels Group became the obvious choice. Their reputation in the community and their command of delivering traditional and digital printing services factored into our decision." -Michael P., VP Marketing


The Beverly-Hanks & Associates FlightDeck Portal

MLS IDX integration

Customizable Templates

Mail List Upload or Purchase

Next Day Turn-around

Marketing Controls

Robust Reporting by Agent


The marketing department is now able to control the overall brand without getting in the weeds of constant agent requests, freeing them up to grow the business and focus on the larger strategy. 

The agents are able to manage their own collateral and get what they need next day, so they’re no longer waiting for marketing to get them what they need. 


Efficiently Pilot your Marketing Communications with a FlightDeck Portal