easily manage your trade show logistics

FlightDeck Portal manages the entire trade show process including booths, monitors, print-on-demand items for certain shows, and pick & pack shipping for specific items. For instance, when a monitor needs to be at a show in Las Vegas this week and at one in Houston the following week, the FlightDeck Portal team manages the process smoothly and efficiently so that monitors and other items are always where they need to be. We also do the quality check after a show and repair or replace items that have been damaged.

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ABOUT presence-learning

PresenceLearning is the leading provider of online speech and occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health services, and assessments for K-12 districts and families of children with special needs.

Their key marketing objectives are (1) Educate schools about their offering and (2) recruit top-notch therapists. Most of their recruiting efforts are done via trade shows, and they attend 120 shows per year. With finite show resources and reps nationwide, the management of materials was an overwhelming burden.

Client Testimonial

“The Daniels Group is not just a vendor to us; they're a marketing and fulfillment partner. The FlightDeck Portal is a seamless experience for our reps ordering marketing materials for conferences, and the inventory reporting we receive is automatic, customized and highly relevant. We're now able to spend far more time focused on growing our business, rather than worrying about inventory levels, conference leads and the many logistical details of keeping our conference shipments running smoothly.” - Dana B., Field Marketing

The Presence-Learning FlightDeck Portal

Lead Capture at Shows

Print on-demand

Real-time inventory management

Marketing Controls

Robust Reporting by Show/Item


The dashboard gives the PresenceLearning field marketing team a high level and granular view of what is being ordered for shows and what products are most popular. The Portal then makes recommendations based on order history and volume.  

Field Marketing can then make changes on the fly - with ease. 


Efficiently Pilot your Marketing Communications with A FlightDeck Portal