Standardize your resort collateral

FlightDeck Portals helps hospitality organizations with multiple locations manage and control their collateral – from check-in folders and key envelopes to location maps and parking passes as well as printed marketing materials. Location Managers can login and order all marketing materials, pay-online and receive their materials within a few days. FlightDeck Portals provides full reporting and complete control for the home office allowing you to manage your budgets more accurately. 
With FlightDeck Portals, you will have complete control of the brand and quality of your marketing materials.

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Since its formation in 2000, Festiva has carved out a sizable market niche in a number of desirable world-wide vacation destinations. Due to their vast geographic fooprint, they faced challenges with inventory control, obsolescence, and brand control. 

The marketing department was swamped with requests, and some property managers were going ‘rogue’ and ordering their needed items. A customized marketing storefront solved all of these problems. In fact, in their first year with the portal saw a substantial decrease in their overall print spend. Today, they are able to manage their entire marketing material inventory and have peace of mind with real-time reporting.

Client Testimonial

"The Daniels Group created a custom distribution portal allowing us to control product quality, standardization and quantity. This is integral to our success from a Brand Standard aspect and more importantly from a cost control perspective. We have experienced exceptional support from The Daniels Group as a strategic business partner to our organization. I would, without reservation, recommend them to anyone requiring their services." - Kristin I., Festiva Marketing Manager

the Festiva Hospitality FlightDeck Portal

Multiple Brand Support

Location-specific Templates

Marketing Material Management

Home Office Order Approvals

Marketing Controls

Robust Reporting by Location/Piece


The FlightDeck Dashboard gives the home office marketing department an overall omniscient view of what’s being ordered (worldwide) and by whom. District managers handle order approvals. This means the home office is no longer in the weeds of approving or making changes to collateral! 
Robust reporting allows the Festiva marketing department to see what’s obsolete, what’s being used, what’s being over-ordered, all while having complete brand control.


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