Can a portal reduce print costs?

Can a portal reduce print costs


How, you ask?

Reduced Production Costs - A portal allows you to set up products, both static and variable documents, with pre-established specifications reducing manual interaction with each order. The project becomes more automated with fewer people required to touch the project within production.

Reduced Design Costs - Setting up variable documents, including anything from business cards to direct mail to brochures, allows team members to edit pre-approved templates. Design is only done once when the document is uploaded to the portal. 

Reduced Obsolescence Costs - Print-on-demand with fast turnaround eliminates the need for stocking many documents. For those marketing projects were production in bulk is more appropriate a portal provides critical inventory management for more accurate forecasting.   

The result?

Print products ordered through a portal will typically cost 20% to 30% less on average than the exact same order placed through regular ordering channels. 

Do you have marketing materials that are ordered regularly? Do you have trouble rounding up invoices and expenses on marketing made by different locations, team members or departments?