The Power of Touch

Haptic marketing has been a buzzword for a few years now.  If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, haptic is the Greek word meaning “touch”. With thousands of messages vying for our attention every day, marketing professionals are working hard to get their message noticed. Thus, the focus on touch has become incredibly important in crafting a marketing message that draws attention.

Increasingly, haptics have invaded the digital space, also called tactile marketing or sensory marketing. Now some digital ads employ haptics to engage the user by adding vibration to the experience so the user can “feel” a car chase or the vibration of a tank moving in the ad. These can be felt on your smartphone to grab attention.

Print, however, is the original haptic marketing tool with a number of different options that engage the senses.


From a slick gloss to a dull satin varnish, coatings can make real impact. Soft Touch coating has been making a big splash and adds a velvety feel to your print pieces. It’s like umami for the hands and it adds a “feel sensation” to the printed piece that captures the attention of the person holding the piece.


For pieces that mail, the stronger option is lamination, which comes in a variety of alternatives, like soft touch, high gloss, or even textures of linen or wood grain. This achieves protection from the mail stream, and delivers that "feel" to your pieces. It’s scratch resistant and protective, yet lends a delicate feel to your printed piece. Achieve an amazing look that is fingerprint resistant extending the life of your printed pieces.


Stock choices of varying textures, folding designs, envelopes types, and even die-cutting for special effect can all add to the physical experience and helping trigger feelings and emotions. 

Talk to us about how you can achieve this elegant upgrade to your pieces and increase your response rates.